18 Things You’ll Never Hear a Chef Say

You don’t have to be in the industry to know that working in a professional kitchen can be a tough environment. Chefs are not exactly known for their kind words and calm demeanours. Of course, who can blame them? There often isn’t a lot of time for niceties when orders are coming in thick and fast, someone has called in sick and your walk-in is on the blink.

So, I think we can safely say we have never heard the follow words uttered in a professional kitchen. Tell us if we’re wrong…

  1. No, the customer IS always right. Now go out there and apologise!
  2. How good was MasterChef last night? Any one of those contestants could be running this kitchen!
  3. Watch the language please, guys.
  4. Sure, you can use my knife today.
  5. Cannot wait for summer – it’s SO cold in here.
  6. Don’t worry about cleaning up as you go – it’s easier to do at the end anyway!
  7. Nah, it’s cool. We’ve just closed the kitchen, but we’ll sneak your order in.
  8. Front of house run the service; they surely deserve all the tips.
  9. I strained my back a bit, so my head chef said I should go home and rest up.
  10. Cancelling everyone’s staff drinks is a completely reasonable form of discipline!
  11. There are so many things to love about being a chef, but it’s cooking the staff meals that really excites me the most.
  12. I became a chef for the wages, but hung around because the hours are so convenient!
  13. I just checked the roster and they’ve given me Saturday and Sunday off. Again!
  14. I’ve spent a few years in the game, but I think it’s time to head back to culinary school. It just makes sense for my career.
  15. The waiter put through the wrong order again, but that’s okay. Everyone makes mistakes.
  16. Looks like I’m going to be late again. I suppose I’ll just tell my boss the truth.
  17. A nut allergy you say? I’m sure a little almond butter should be fine. Order up!
  18. Even with wait times of an hour for food, we still received zero complaints.

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