3 Reasons You Need Sourdough on Your Menu

Consumers, it seems, are going crazy for sourdough. The number of Google searches related to bread and sourdough has shot up, and the trends report suggests there was a 5-fold increase in search for the term "sourdough" during lockdown. Then, according to recent reports, the global sourdough market is expected to grow annually at a rate of 4.2% between 2020-2025.

This reflects a wider trend - rising consumer demand for healthier and tastier bread products. So, if you don’t have sourdough on your menu yet, here’s some food for thought: 

Capturing the Healthy Crowd

Sourdough breads are considered healthier alternatives to regular breads by many (and for good reason!). The live cultures and leavening process helps neutralise the acids in the bread making sourdough easy to digest. Many people who usually avoid bread will happily eat sourdough with their breakfast. Other nutrients often found in sourdough are folic acid, magnesium, B vitamins and iron which should make it even more of a popular option for health-conscious customers. 

Staying on Trend

Sourdough is arguably the most popular breakfast bread right now and many customers would automatically assume their smashed avo and poached eggs will appear on a couple of slices of sourdough. Savvy café operators are making sure they not only have sourdough, but have a couple of types to choose from (white, rye, grains for example) to keep their on-trend customers happy. 

Sourdough Made Easy

Sourdough used to be difficult, cafes had to make their own each day or deal with the fact that purchased sourdough often didn’t have the shelf life that made it a profitable option. But now, there are more options. The new Speedibake Sourdough range made from a sourdough culture created over 10 years ago, is ideal for cafes looking at quality and convenience. The range uses the highest quality ingredients, and all loaves are fermented for 24 hours before being baked. But perhaps most-importantly, the loaves are also delivered frozen and have a 12-month frozen shelf life so cafes can thaw or toast and serve for that just baked aroma.

Looking to meet your customers’ demands for sourdough at breakfast? The new Speedibake Sourdough range is available nationally through foodservice distributors and comes in small cartons so it can be easily added to your existing order. Check out the range here.

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