7 Blogs Every Foodservice Professional Should be Reading

Whether you are just starting out, looking to open a restaurant, trying to make improvements in your kitchen, or have your eye on becoming head chef one day, the best way to continue your learning and development is to read insights from the best.

Of course, it can be overwhelming with literally millions of blog posts going online every single day, which are the ones worth your time? There are plenty of useful resources for restauranteurs, chefs and foodservice professionals online, here we have put together our favourites – so bookmark them now and thank us later. 

All Food Business Blog

This is one of our favourites – All Food Business Blog goes deep on specific issues and covers some niche topics that are relevant only to businesses in the foodservice industry. This is where you should go if you have a question about something obscure or very specific – it is likely they have covered it here.

Restaurant Engine

Restaurant Engine designs websites for restaurants, but they also have a great blog with resources for budding restaurant owners (and those that are already up and running). Head here to learn about how to optimise your website (obviously) but also trends on menu design, how to manage food costs and whether it is worth advertising online.

Grub Hub

Grub Hub is a POS technology provider in the US, but that doesn’t mean they don’t offer some great insights on their blog for budding restaurateurs in Australia. From how to attract millennials to how to incorporate seasonal food into your menu it is worth checking in regularly to stay on top of industry trends and gain some inspiration for your next team meeting or menu development.

The Restaurant Expert

The Restaurant Expert has a whole suite of free resources for foodservice business owners. This blog is for you if you are spending too much time on business issues and not enough time enjoying your time in the kitchen (and at home!).

Trade Magazines

Not only do they create print magazines that you may see floating around your venue now and then, trade magazines often have great online resources covering a lot of topics ranging from business trends, interviews with top chefs to menu development and industry issues.  There are a couple worth looking at: Restaurant and Catering (which is part of the Restaurant and Catering Association), Hospitality Magazine, Open House and foodService.

Gordon Ramsey

You may not like Chef Ramsay’s style on TV, but there is no denying he has the drive and eye for perfection that got him the highest accolade for a restaurant today – his restaurant is London’s longest-running restaurant to hold a three-Michelin Star award. Visit his online platform to be inspired with hearty British dish recipes like stuffed lamb with spinach and pine nuts.

Zomato Blog

As a foodservice professional – whether that is a chef, waiter, restaurant owner or barista – it is likely you are very aware of Zomato (don’t be fooled, it used to be called Urbanspoon). If you aren’t aware of it yet, it’s a website where virtually anyone can leave a rating and review for your restaurant, so can be a pretty powerful tool. On top of this, it also has a blog that covers a lot of great information for restaurant owners, including tips on how to get good reviews online.



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