Abbott’s Bakery - Gluten Free Bread for Foodservice

You already know we have a range of gluten free bread options for the foodservice sector. But have you tried our grainy gluten free breads yet?

Our research has shown that Abbott’s Bakery Gluten Free Mixed Seeds and Gluten Free Soy & Linseed varieties are #1 and #2 in retail stores (more popular than Gluten Free Rustic White).

In fact, consumers prefer grainy breads, 72% of purchases of Abbott’s Bakery Gluten Free breads are grain varieties. It seems that many consumers prefer the taste and are looking for more wholesome options.

Despite this, many venues are trying to ‘keep things simple’ by stocking only one option in gluten free breads. While this was a savvy option when gluten free was a fledgling concept, with more quality gluten free breads on the market, and consumer demand for choice growing, it makes commercial sense to have a number of gluten free bread options on hand.

We’ve had a lot of feedback recently that many gluten free breads on the market aren’t good enough – the slices are too small and often fall apart in your hands. The Abbott’s Bakery gluten free products have soft, larger slices that don’t fall apart and are absolutely perfect when making sandwiches.

The range is also dairy free and free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

So if you haven’t tried our grainy gluten free breads yet, why not add one to your order and test it for yourself?

With six months frozen shelf life, the Abbott’s Bakery Gluten Free range is available frozen through foodservice distributors. The range is also available fresh with your Tip Top fresh direct order.

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