Breads To Help Elevate Your Lunch

At Tip Top Foodservice we’ve noticed an increase in the popularity of our lunch rolls, with many businesses turning to them during the pandemic due to their delivery appeal and versatility. Plus, they are also an ideal option for customers looking to grab-n-go during lockdown situations.

There are a bunch of benefits to having a lunch roll on your menu, so where to begin with your build? With the bread of course! To help you navigate what’s on offer, here are just some of our finest bread rolls along with some ideas on how they can be used: 


1) Speedibake Soft Turkish Lunch Roll (Round)

The first of three soft Turkish breads on offer as part of our Speedibake range, the Soft Turkish Round Lunch Roll is 130g. The lengthy fermentation process helps to enhance the flavour profile, while the distinctive open texture reflects the style of a traditional Turkish bread.

The Speedibake Soft Turkish Lunch Roll (Round) is perfect for Turkish burger builds that incorporate the flavours of the Mediterranean. It’s also ideal for breakfast offerings like bacon and egg rolls!

RECIPE: Smoked Beef Brisket and Onion Roll


2) Speedibake Soft Turkish Lunch Roll (Oval)

Much like its round counterpart, the Soft Turkish Oval Lunch Roll encapsulates everything you’d imagine in a soft Turkish lunch roll. The 110g roll is available in small cartons for easier storage and is hand-stretched to make its shape.

It is is ideal for pre-filled lunch rolls when catering, and fits in most sandwich presses!

RECIPE: Veal Katsu Sando Turkish Oval roll


3) The Speedibake Vietnamese Style Roll

If you have banh mi on the menu, then this is the roll for you! Yet, the Speedibake Vietnamese Style Roll is much more than that. This lunchtime favourite is the perfect combination of airy and light on the inside, while having a golden crunch with every bite.

The Speedibake Vietnamese Style Roll’s versatility means it offers a wealth of possibilities when it comes to cooking. Along with banh mi, this roll is amazing for gourmet rolls using carvery meats. While some have even used it for hot dogs! What will you make?

RECIPE: Vietnamese Style Fried Tofu Roll


4) Speedibake Panini Lunch Roll

The 100g Panini Lunch Roll is stone baked, which adds an earthy flavour and thick crust to these rolls whilst remaining light in texture on the inside.

The Speedibake Panini Lunch Roll is great for offerings such as steak sandwiches as well as deli styled rolls.

RECIPE: BIG Breakfast Panini


Designed to be taken straight from the freezer to the oven, our lunch roll offerings allow you to cook only what is needed, leaving the rest in the freezer for up to 12 months so you don’t need to worry about waste.

Speak with your local foodservice distributor today to place an order. Or visit our website for our full range of foodservice exclusives!


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