Check out our New Stone-Baked Sourdough Range

We’ve expanded our Speedibake range of frozen breads to include authentic, hand-crafted and stone-baked sourdough loaves perfect for cafes.

The authentic range starts from a culture created over ten years ago and uses the highest quality ingredients. The dough for each loaf is fermented for 24 hours before being hand-moulded by artisan bakers, stone-baked for authentic crust and colour and frozen ready to deliver to your door. 

With a fresh-baked sourdough aroma, soft crumb and slightly zesty flavour, the range is perfect for cafes looking for quality and convenience. 

The range includes a range of sliced and unsliced loaves – all stone baked – catering to café demand for artisan loaves. 

“Authentic sourdough cannot be faked, and it can’t be rushed. We’ve spoken to so many cafes that want convenient sourdough bread that doesn’t cost a fortune but is still authentic and stone baked,” explained Darren O’Brien, National Account Manager at Tip Top Foodservice.  

The loaves are available nationally through foodservice distributors so they can be easily added to your existing order. They are also delivered frozen and have a 12-month frozen shelf life so cafes can thaw or toast and serve with that just baked aroma. 

This also means that kitchen staff can reduce waste by responding to demand in real time and only thawing individual loaves when needed. 

All but the baguette come in small cartons, so they don’t take up a huge amount of room in the kitchen like bulk offerings often do.

The Speedibake Café Sourdough Range is available frozen nationwide via distributors and includes: 

Contact your local distributor to place an order.

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