Ciabatta Garlic Slices – The Perfect Premium Garlic Bread Option

A quick, easy and cost-effective way to provide rustic-style garlic bread alongside meals like pasta and risotto. We’ve expanded our well-known Australian Garlic Bread Co. range to include Ciabatta Garlic Slices.

The Ciabatta Garlic Slices are made with artisan style ciabatta loaves and offer a premium option particularly good for restaurants who want to offer diners a high-quality garlic bread.

Designed to be taken straight from the freezer to the oven, the 70g slices are not stuck together in the packaging so there is less likely to be damage and waste unlike other slices on the market.

The slices also use margarine instead of butter, so the product is low allergen and vegan friendly which is essential in today’s dining scene.

With six months frozen shelf life, the slices come in small cartons containing four separate trays of 80 neatly stacked slices, so you can thaw and use only what’s needed for restaurant quality just-baked garlic bread. 

Some of our favourite recipe ideas include:

Seafood Linguini with Ciabatta Garlic Slices

Ciabatta Garlic Slices White Anchovy and Pea Bruschetta

Ciabatta Garlic Slices are now available frozen nationwide via distributors.

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Ciabatta Garlic Slices

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