Do you really need to stock gluten free bread?

And what you should really be asking…

We remember a time when café and restaurant owners used to ask us this question: “Do we really need to stock gluten free bread?” But oh how times have changed in a few short years! Now, we couldn’t go a day without customers asking us what the latest gluten free products are, as many are looking for the perfect loaf to fit their menu. 

Of course, you probably have your go-to gluten free product, as most venues should. But how long has it been since you evaluated what you’re offering gluten free diners? 

The real question is: how many different gluten free breads should you have on hand? 

The truth is, most coeliac and gluten free diners have only ever been offered one option when dining out, while their friends are offered a choice. Consider your brunch menu, for example, we’re sure you have a choice of sourdough, white, grain and wholemeal. You’ve probably got English muffins and pancakes too just for good measure. 

But with the rapid increase in gluten free diners, maybe it’s time to consider offering a choice for them too? 

We’ve had a lot of feedback recently that many of the gluten free breads available on the market weren't good enough – the slices were too small and often they fell apart in your hands. This is no longer the case, and what’s more, it’s not just simple white bread either. 

The Abbott’s Bakery gluten free products have soft, larger slices that don’t fall apart and are perfect for sandwiches. The loaves are soft and larger than the average gluten free bread, allowing slices that are just like ‘real’ bread.

If you’ve been a long time fan of Abbott’s Bakery gluten free White, maybe it’s time to check out our Gluten Free Soy & Linseed and Gluten Free Mixed Seeds as well.


So, you want to be an A+ gluten free venue? 

  • We recommend that you keep gluten-free items on the top shelf of your pantry, refrigerator and freezer to prevent crumbs of gluten-containing items from falling into gluten-free foods.

  • Always keep multiple options of gluten free so diners have a choice 

  • Ensure you mark your menu clearly with GF and note what can be amended. 

  • Consider a separate fryer and prep area for Coeliac diners 

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