Five in-season foods you should use this month

How to cook smarter, and take advantage of fresh local produce

Spring is here and diners are coming out of hibernation, ready to embrace warmer weather and fresh in-season menus. And with the changing seasons comes a new range of foods that grow in abundance at this time of the year. Savvy chefs take advantage of in-season produce not only because it is more cost effective but because it also means food can be sourced locally and have minimal ‘travel time’ to the kitchen. So, what is in season this month? Read on for some in-season recipe tips using September’s best fruit and vegetables.


Everyone’s favourite breakfast ingredient is in season this month and restaurants should take advantage of cheaper, better quality avocados on their breakfast menus. Click here for a perfect middle eastern inspired avocado toast – made for sharing.

Chinese Greens & Spinach

Your customers may be coming out of a long winter of comfort food and looking to atone for their bad diet in the lead up to summer. Lucky for them chinese greens and spinach, some of nature’s best superfoods, are in season in September and make for tasty and wholesome sandwiches and salads at lunch time. Match with some lean poached chicken and a Speedibake Soft Turkish Lunch Roll, and you’ve catered for the health-conscious crowd.

Cauliflower & Leeks

It may be spring but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t still a little chill in the air. During September cauliflowers and leeks are in season and that can only mean one thing: fragrant cauliflower and leek soup. Serve with Speedibake Sourdough Dinner Rolls for a perfect in-season grab-and-go option.

Pineapple, Strawberries, Rockmelon

Are your pancakes starting to get a bit repetitive? Swap out bananas and blueberries and use in-season pineapple, strawberries or rockmelon to give decadent pancakes a fresh touch.


Artichokes may not come immediately to mind when considering your best seasonal produce for the month, but September sees them in abundance. Be inspired by middle eastern flavours and add a pizza to your menu with artichokes, semi dried tomatoes, olives and soft cheese. 

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