Here’s what our customers have been up to during the pandemic

When COVID-19 struck Australia in March 2020, it’s fair to say that not many people knew what to expect. There was angst, uncertainty when addressing the unknown of a global pandemic and what that would mean for the foodservice industry. Fast-forward to today and there’s still that uncertainty, but people are getting on with it.

Even with the constant threat of lockdown and ongoing restrictions, businesses have been able to rise above the adversity and persevere. We’re not surprised at all by this, as we know how hard-working and resilient hospitality professionals can be.

At Tip Top Foodservice we’re always keen to hear what our customers have to say and have been fortunate enough to catch up with several chefs and industry leaders during this time. Here are some of our favourite stories:


Fish & Cripps – A Fan Favourite Food Truck in Frankston

Thinking of opening a food truck? You’ll want to read this first! The Cripps Family Fish Farm has been operating for over 100 hundred years, but that hasn’t stopped them from innovating, even during a pandemic. Their food truck is the latest edition to their ever-growing foodservice enterprise and Frankston locals couldn’t be happier!

Learn more about the Cripps Family Food Truck Here.


Burgers, Bourbon and Outback Barbecues - A chat with Ben Surman, star of Outdoor Butcher BBQ.

People in Port Augusta are serious about their barbequing, so who better to interview than the king of meat himself Ben Surman! Ben is a 4th generation butcher by trade, but is quickly making a name for himself (and the Port Augusta Meat Store) by creating cooking tutorials online.

Learn more about how Ben made Outdoor Butcher BBQ here.


Life During The Early Stages of Lockdown with Chef and Business Owner Mal Gill

As a long-time member of the foodservice industry, Chef Mal Gill though he had seen it all! But the pandemic quickly changed all of that. Even with all of the strain, struggle and uncertainty that followed the initial stages of lockdown in Australia, Mal still found time to open up on his experience. He also shared what he expected for the months ahead, with many of his predictions coming true!

Learn more about Shady Palms Chef and Owner Mal Gill, and his experience here.


How Will 2021 Pan Out? We Asked 3 Chefs for Their Takes

Wondering how your fellow chefs have felt about lockdowns, booking systems and QR codes? We asked chefs Gene, Mal and Stuart to share their thoughts on all the important topics as well as shed some light on what they think is in store for 2021.

See how chefs Gene, Mal and Stuart answered here.


Hospitality Comes Together in Melbourne’s Lockdown 4.0

We’ve seen hospitality professionals from all corners of the country come together during the industry’s toughest time. When Melbourne went into its fourth lockdown, we looked at all of the good businesses were doing during this time to help others in hospo and beyond!

Learn more about all of these feel-good initiatives right here.


Although recent times have been tough, we know that there are good stories out there that deserve to be told. If you or your business has been doing anything interesting of late, we want to know! We love to share what our customers are up to and always aim to promote those who have something important to say. Got something to share with us? Send us a message on our Facebook or Instagram today! We promise we won’t bite 😉

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