Hot Vax Summer

How to create the ultimate recovery brunch now everyone is allowed out again

For the uninitiated, “Hot Vax Summer” describes the idea that once Australia’s level of vaccination was high enough, there would be a surge in dating, nights out and overall social opportunities due to all the pent-up demand.

And Hot Vax Summer is certainly here. 

We’re so pleased to hear our customers that traditionally serve in the evenings are experiencing an influx of customers who have missed tap beer and table service after so much time at home. 

But what about cafes and day-time venues? When that one ‘quiet’ tap beer turns into many, you’ve got a hangover on your hands and that’s where the recovery brunch comes in. 

Some say that the best hangover cure is rest and water. We think those that have over-imbibed are better off with some good food at a great cafe. 

A good balance between fat and carb, savoury and sweet is important.  So, if you’re looking to attract some more (slower moving) customers to your café, perhaps consider some of these ideas…

Nurse their hangovers with the perfect breakfast burger

It may be obvious, but burgers are where it’s at when it comes to recovery food. It’s no wonder they are sneaking on to breakfast menus across the country. One of our most popular recipes takes the traditional burger and tips it on its head with a good dash of Asian influence and a breakfast focus. Think Egg Foo Yong, kecap manis and fried onions.  

Nothing beats a hangover like runny eggs, carbs and hollandaise sauce

Eggs Benedict was originally created to ease the sore heads of Roman Emperors* (this is entirely untrue, but it is a hangover cure as old as time). Runny poached eggs, paired with hollandaise sauce all atop a nice crunchy slice of sourdough or a perfectly toasted English muffin.  If you’re really keen to make this a recovery meal for the ages, add some roast potatoes and a bloody Mary. 

A savoury fix that won’t leave them feeling heavy all day

Some people want as much grease as possible to cancel out the effects of the night before. But others don’t want the first meal of the day to wipe them out for a couple of hours. For them, you should serve a fresh Banh mi. It’s still savoury and carby, but also has some crispy fresh vegetables that will have them feeling like they are back on the right track.  

The Traditional Big breakfast

You can’t have a recovery brunch menu without a traditional big breakfast with the lot. People will expect it. But you can still put your own spin on it – consider smoky tomato baked beans or thick-cut bacon. Or you could turn the whole thing into a sandwich

Once you’ve got the menu sorted, the final thing to consider is atmosphere. A hungover person has certain requirements – a quiet atmosphere, friendly service, light and fresh décor and, this is important, no children (we’re only half joking). With your menu and venue sorted, you’re well on your way to serving hoards of hungry diners on every Sunday morning this summer.

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