How to capitalise on the lunch crowd

The grab-and-go crowd is taking over. Learn what to serve to keep them happy

Despite everyone from nutritionists to mortgage brokers telling Aussies to stop buying their lunch, every working day when the clock strikes noon thousands of hungry workers stream from their offices in search of the perfect meal to get them through the afternoon. Attracting these diners on their limited lunch break is very different to luring evening crowds. They want completely different things: quick, convenient options rather than lavish sit-down meals.  So how do you attract these grab and go customers and increase, or perhaps create an entirely new revenue stream?

Introduce Lunch Specials

People on their lunch break want convenient food at a reasonable price, but they also want to feel like they are treating themselves (compared with just eating a salad at their desk). Lunch specials which include something healthy (like a gourmet sandwich) with something sweet (like a bliss ball) and the all important coffee at a discount will always be popular.

Create Grab-and-Go Options

Consider your most popular dish – morning, afternoon or evening – is there a way to create it ahead of time so diners can quickly run in, select what they want and be out the door in minutes? Prepared meals and grab-and-go options like wraps, sandwiches, pizzas and salads are great options for those who literally only have minutes before their next meeting. You could even consider pre-made $2 lattes so diners don’t have to wait for their caffeine fix and know who to rely on next time they are in a hurry.

Offer Easy Online Ordering

Another good option is to consider an app such as Skip or Hey You which allow diners to order what they want at their desk then run down to pick it up with no waiting time.  The saved time alone will bring more customers to your door, but as the apps often remember customers’ favourite orders they will come back time and again for the added convenience.

The lunch crowd offers many opportunities for added revenue, especially if you already have a loyal base of evening diners. With a focus on convenience, price and quality any venue can take advantage of the lucrative lunch crowd.



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