Looking For Work in Hospo?

Four Things to Consider Before Applying

As it stands, the hospitality sector has been hit hard from lockdown restrictions, with ABC News suggesting that a third of industry jobs are now gone. Which explains why the Australian Bureau of Statistics is estimating that the number of Australians unemployed in accommodation and foodservices to be over 444,000.

However, after two long months of stress and uncertainty, the mood in the hospitality industry seems to have shifted with timelines for reopening spurring a much-needed sense of optimism. There is still a long way to go, but at least now businesses can focus on recovery, rather than survival.

For business owners this means adapting to the new normal. For those still working it means new practices and training. But for a huge portion of the foodservice community, the easing of restrictions presents a fresh hope for potential employment.

Finding a job over the next couple of months is certainly a difficult task for two reasons.

I) Even with restrictions easing over time, expect job listings to be slim pickings. Reason being business owners will rightfully be careful of their head count, especially with it coming into the winter season.

II) The normal practice of applying for a job in hospo, is going to dramatically change. Expect a lesser emphasis on physical contact, which basically means more cover letters and trials could be a thing of the past.

For a lot of people, it’s going to be a new experience, and for some who have been hunting since lockdown began this could be a time to reconsider your approach. Here’s a few things to think about when preparing to apply for a job in hospo right now:

Find your CV

Finding exactly where you saved the last version of your CV can be almost as painful as re-writing the thing. So don’t be afraid to start from scratch as it’s good practice and you’ll likely end up with a better result. Make sure you go beyond simply hitting the “spell-check” feature when reviewing your final product, a flawless resume shows that you’re professional and have an attention to detail.

Ready something visual to showcase your skills

Having worked in hospitality you may have seen the folder titled “resumes” which looks like it’s about to burst. Which means now someone is having to trawl through an email inbox with even more CVs to examine. By adding a video element to your application, you’ll likely stand out, or at least give the hirer behind the keyboard a break from scanning over word documents. This could be a quick video presenting your skills, or maybe you’ve been working on a project during lockdown like a list of recipes or cooking show. Employers love to see someone who is passionate about what they do.

Set aside a time to write and review

In the past, handing out CVs was in person was common practice for hospitality job seekers, but now the reality is that many venues will refuse these on account of health and safety. On a good day you might be able to visit 20 venues. However, the online process can be more time consuming, you’ll be lucky to apply for even one job over the space of an hour if done correctly. So be prepared by making a realistic schedule for when and how long you’ll spend applying for work. Routine and organisation might not be your strong suit, but setting aside 2-3 hours a day is huge.

A cover letter is more than a write up about yourself

Writing a cover letter can feel pointless at times, like just another hurdle to jump over to show that you’re interested. But that’s only if you’re expanding on everything already in your resume. You should see it as an opportunity to express yourself and prove why you’ll be a good fit for this bar, café or restaurant. Do your research on the vibe of the venue, and try to imagine the type of person you might be speaking to. Look at what they are doing at the moment and use your cover letter to explain how you can help or even improve their operation. 

Landing a job can be tough at the best of times, so don’t be disheartened if it takes a few months before you get yours. It can at times feel like a run of bad luck, but the reality is that there is a bunch of people in your position with only a handful of jobs available. Remember that keeping busy with your applications is always a step in the right direction, and you should acknowledge the fact that you’re trying with positivity. Rejection isn’t failure, it’s merely an opportunity to show you can go again.

The team behind Tip Top Foodservice understands that 2020 has been a tough time for everyone in the hospitality industry and beyond. Whether it’s struggling to find work, or trying to keep your business afloat, these challenges can be overwhelming. It is essential that you take care of yourself, be aware of what your dealing with and talk to people about it. Reach out to a friend, family or professional to assist because some tasks are harder to tackle alone.

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