Picking the Right Loaf for Your Menu

The fundamental rule of excellent sandwich-making is that textures need to complement each other. It really is that simple. But all too often, people keep this rule in mind when planning filling combinations then completely ignore its importance when it comes to the bread.

Choosing the right bread for your menu takes some basic knowledge and willingness to experiment. There is definitely an art to pairing your sandwich fillings with the right loaf. Here, we break things down by filling type to make sure the sandwiches you’re offering customers are perfectly put together.

Is your filling Saucy?

Saucy sandwiches demand a roll with a good crust that won’t go soggy and fall to pieces as soon as you pick it up. Don’t attempt to use a thin slice of bread to do the work of a bun or roll. Hearty sandwiches like pulled pork or meatballs are better matched with a Damper Bun or Hamburger Roll.

If you really are sold on slices, remember that the soggier the filling the soggier the bread so go for a thicker cut slice to soak it all up (like Tip Top Super Thick).

Is your filling Soft?

Some sandwiches, however, require a lighter touch. Soft fillings will get totally squashed if the bread you choose is too crunchy. So, avoid using baguettes for things like chicken or tuna salads. Try a soft roll like theSpeedibake Turkish Round Lunch Roll.

Is your filling Sturdy?

But if your fillings have some oomph and can stand up for themselves (like salami for example) feel free to use a baguette or even a crusty hot dog roll that won’t overwhelm the ingredients. These are a wonderful blank canvas for more serious toppings. 

Is your filling Savoury or Salty?

If you’re looking for some soft, sweetness to balance out salty flavours like prosciutto, pickles or even seafood look no further than a brioche style roll. Brioche stands up well to strong savoury flavours.

Is your filling Sweet?

While we’re talking brioche, you can also play up its subtle sweetness with sweet fillings like chocolate or nut butter or even use it in place of an ice cream cone. 

Is your filling Simple?

Are you just going for a simple BLT or toastie? Don’t be afraid to stick to something classic like sourdough or basic white bread. Super simple combinations are best showcased on simple breads. Focus on the goodness of the fillings. Sourdough is probably the best bet here with a soft chew and crusty crust.

Is your filling a wholesome?

Good-for-you fillings like leafy greens, sprouts, tofu and vegetables are best matched with multi-textured loaves with lots of grains. Plus, if people are ordering healthy fillings, they are probably the type to want artisan bread. Try Abbott’s Bakery Country Grains or Farmhouse Wholemeal (and make sure you have some gluten free on hand too).

Still confused about which breads to match with your sandwiches? Feel free to get in touch and chat to one of our experts. We can organise samples for your business to try too, so you can perfect your sandwich game.


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