Prepping for the Festive Season

How to prepare for a busy Christmas after a year of uncertainty

Given the uncertainty of the past year (and the anti-climax that was Christmas for venues last year) you’d be forgiven for putting your head in the sand when it comes to festive season planning. 

This time of year foodservice businesses are usually overwhelmed by bookings and facing a full house every week in December. But with density limits in some states and the risk of planning too far ahead, many venues are changing up the way they’re tackling it this year. 

Changing Up Canapes

Because people can’t touch the food when a waiter walks around anymore, many venues are creating tasty little recyclable boxes of food. Think a mini burger, bruschetta or an arancini ball in each box. Diners still get a taste of everything but can rest easy knowing their venue is COVID safe.  

Rehashing Last Year

Normally, venues would be putting together a special Christmas menu for the coming month. This year however, with the risk of things changing many venues are reusing last year’s menu in their function areas (as so few were able to enjoy it in 2020 anyway). You’d be forgiven for taking that job off your to-do list and focusing on other priorities. 

Offering ‘finish at home’ meals

Christmas this year will see many families getting together for the first time in several months. Alongside the joy of seeing long-missed family members will be the stress of catering for a large group. Families will be looking for easy (but special) elements to add to their spread. Our customers are preparing ‘finish at home’ gourmet meal packs for Christmas. Which will see customers heat the food and do the finishing touches to have restaurant quality food at their own dining table. The plus side of this is that you can prepare the packs before Christmas, so maybe you’ll get the day off too!

Preparing for a regional boom

Regional areas (especially in Victoria and NSW where there were prolonged lockdowns in the capital cities) will see a huge boom in functions come Christmas time. City-siders are keen to get out of the hustle and bustle and there is an increased interest in regional producers. If you’re based in the regions, be prepared for day trippers and corporate groups looking for the best dining experiences outside of the city.

If you’re planning a festive menu or finish at home offering and want to sample some of our products, get in touch today. 

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