Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Chefs

So you’ve recently started dating a professional chef? Or perhaps someone in your family is starting out in foodservice? Christmas is fast approaching and you are still completely stumped for what to get them. Feeling out of your element? We’re here to help you get a gift that the chef in your life will absolutely love, but you’re going to be surprised at our suggestions.

Suggestion #1: Steer completely clear of anything kitchen related.

Yep, you heard us. Being a chef takes up so much of your life that most chefs would prefer their gifts to remind them they’re a person not just a chef. On top of this, most of the kitchen tools given as gifts aren’t even used, as chefs are very particular about what they like. They know exactly what works for them and would prefer to buy it themselves.

Suggestion #2: If you ignored our first suggestion, at least take them shopping with you.

Okay, so you ignored our advice and still want to get your loved one a kitchen tool. Fair enough. In that case you going to need to know specifics about what they like. We highly recommend you take them shopping with you – make it a fun day where you can learn more about what they do at work – that way they get exactly what they want, and everyone is happy. 

Suggestion #3: Get something kitchen related they’d never buy on their own

If you try to buy a knife for a chef you’re probably setting yourself up for failure. But if you buy them a hilarious t-shirt or a respected recipe book they wouldn’t buy themselves, they will probably love you for it. You could even consider buying them a gift card for an amazing restaurant so they can enjoy the food without having to cook it themselves.

Consider that a public service announcement on behalf of all Aussie chefs. Good luck!

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