Smashed Avo Season is in Full Swing!

How not to lose money on your smashed avo

Smashed avocado has well and truly cemented itself in Australian brunch culture. So much so that it has even become the subject of online controversy, suggesting that the trendy menu option is a hindrance to millennials’ ability to buy their first home. And with the summer months fast approaching, millions of people all over the country will be coming out of hibernation and heading out for brunch to enjoy the sunshine.

In Australia we are lucky to have avocados available almost 12 months of the year (all year if you’ll happily succumb to the Shepard’s variety, but that’s a debate for another time). 

But one of the main challenges for cafes serving smashed avo, is how to price the menu item. Avocados fluctuate widely in price depending on the season (and how the weather affects harvest seasons). Sometimes they can skyrocket to as much as $9 a piece in the supermarkets. 

But smashed avo is often an outlet’s most popular dish, so rather than take it off the menu when prices surge, cafes need to think of better ways to keep costs low. 

We all know that a decent smashed avo comes down to two things – excellent avacodo and a tasty base bread, to hold it all together. No one wants a crust so hard they’re left sawing the toast, elbowing their neighbouring diner into oblivion. But similarly, a run of the mill piece of sliced white isn’t going to cut it once you’ve piled on the avocado. 

Sourdough is the obvious choice, but finding authentic, stone baked sourdough that is affordable and reliably produced can be difficult. That’s why we’ve launched a range of rustic café-style sourdoughs that can be ordered frozen from foodservice distributors. 

These breads (some pre sliced, some whole) are more affordable than those you get from speciality bakers, but still boast the authentic sourdough culture. Hand-moulded shape, stone baked finish and spongey texture. Perfect for some smashed avo action. 

Plus, because they are delivered frozen, you only need to defrost what you want to use, cutting down on waste and saving you money. 

So what are you waiting for? If smashed avo is one of your best sellers, take a good look at your bread order and get in touch today to chat about how we can help save you money this summer. 

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