Sticking with Takeaway?

How to promote take-home options when everyone else is reopening.

Australia’s restaurants, bars and cafes have returned to dine-in trade, but plenty are still offering takeaway after making some rapid changes when COVID-19 restrictions were put in place. In fact, many are realising that their takeaway options are a strong string in their bow; one they hadn’t expected.

It’s for this reason that many venues are choosing to stay closed to sit-down diners, focusing more on their takeaway and delivery (at least for the time being anyway). But with all the excitement surrounding reopening, it can be hard to get any attention with what you’re offering. So if you’re still interested in pushing a takeaway service, then these tactics could certainly help:

1) Jazz up the store front

Unless you’re working out of a dark kitchen, your shop front is important. You want to be a point of interest, to attract the attention of people on the street. Even if you’re not allowing sit-down, you need the place to be vibing. Whether it’s a super-sized poster or some neon signage, get something out front that will draw attention and remind people you’re still operating.

2) Make it an experience

Some venues are adding something special to their take away offerings with things like DIY packs and secret sauce recipes. What can you do to surprise your customers, bringing some excitement from your venue to home? It could be as simple as a personalised message, or an old-school trading card with each order. Stuff like that can make a person’s day.

3) Keep it clean, keep it green!

Customer expectations have changed drastically over the past few months, and it’s best to acknowledge that. Keep all of your delivery practices super clean, you can’t afford any mistakes.

Also, maybe it is time to consider your packaging. Customers are more environmentally aware than ever before. Over-use of single-use plastics could be the difference between a one-off, and a return customer.

4) Keep the specials on rotation!

Weekly specials are something that diners are used to hearing when they sit-down to dine. Yet, there’s very little in terms of rotating specials on delivery apps like Uber Eats. Having something new each week will encourage people to take a look at what’s new when browsing.

If you’re chewing through weekly specials and need a little recipe inspiration, check out the recipe section of our website.

5) Convenience is key

One big benefit of takeaway, both now and in the past, is it’s convenience. Make ordering as easy as possible, especially with delivery apps. Carefully consider how you section out your dishes and make all of your messaging clear and concise.

6) Don’t forget your veges!

You might remember mum saying this from across the table, but it is still relevant here with your takeaway menu. The introduction of delivery apps means the customer is spoilt for choice. If even one member of those ordering can’t find something of value for them, it takes two second to start looking elsewhere.

Many of our products are vegan and vegetarian friendly, you can visit our product section here to see what will suit you and your venue.

These are just a few ways to help promote your takeaway and delivery menu. If you’re interested in learning more, we’ve got a library of insights and ideas ready for your viewing! Are you continuing your takeaway menu? We’d love to hear from you on our Facebook page.

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