The Four Most Divisive Foods of Our Time

There are few topics as divisive as food. For some reason, food, how we eat it and what we eat it with creates a passion in people so great that global controversies can develop. Sometimes over something as small as whether or not the cereal goes in the bowl first or the milk (we’re strong cereal-first believers at Tip Top Foodservice).

Which got us thinking – what foods are people most divided on in Australia? You might be surprised by the last one.

Controversial: Beetroot in Burgers

This one is close to our hearts. We love nothing more than a soft burger bun filled with as many fresh ingredients as possible. But the topic of beetroot in a burger is a controversial one. Many can’t stand the red soggy liquid that pervades the entire burger and drips out of the bun onto your hands when you eat it, while others are true-blue Aussie beetroot lovers who can think of nothing better than a Damper Bun filled with the lot. (And don’t even get us started on pickles!)

Debate: Pineapple on pizzas

This one has always been a contentious issue, but it probably reached peak-crazy when the president of Iceland joked last year that it should be illegal to put pineapple on our favourite doughy delights. It’s the classic sweet vs savoury debate with those against it arguing that anything sweet or fruity should stay well clear if you want good pizza.

Divisive: Well done steak

Somehow, recently steak has become a relatively ‘elitist’ food. Not just because of its expensive price tag, but because of the rules attached when you order. Many chefs will assert that if you order your steak well-done, you may as well not order a steak at all.  This of course gets diners quite up in arms, arguing if they are paying for it, they should be able to eat it how they like. Where do you stand on the argument? Do you groan when a ticket for well-done steak comes through?

Contentious: Sauce in the fridge

Tomato sauce is an integral part of Aussie culture. But are you Team Fridge? Or Team Pantry? You might not have realised that others do it differently but social media went berserk recently debating where the old ‘dead horse’ belongs. Some are horrified by the idea of cold sauce on hot chips while others are equally as horrified by the idea of bacteria growing inside a warm bottle. Where do you keep yours in your venue?

So where do you stand? Have you checked in with your friends? Have we missed anything? Let us know on our Facebook page.

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