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In catering, no two events are ever the same. Kitchens and spaces are forever changing, and the needs of customers can be fickle with last minute additions all too common. Caterers often have to be very savvy in their operations to ensure things run smoothly.

Although there are several challenges that caterers come up against often in their day-to-day operations, there are a couple that come up time and time again despite all best efforts.

Challenge #1: The Need for MORE space

Caterers are often thrown into unfamiliar kitchens and need to do most of their preparation before they are on site. This means that they often have commercial kitchens bursting at the seams with products, tableware and ingredients that are needed for upcoming jobs. Freezer space is always at a premium. On top of that oven space is also in demand as many foods need to be heated or cooked at the same time once on site. It’s a never-ending shuffle of space and time that can cause headaches for caterers.

Challenge #2: Last minute changes

Many caterers pride themselves on offering high quality, premium offerings for events such as weddings and conferences where the hosts want to make a lasting impression. But all too often premium does not go hand in hand with convenience. Preparing foods that are quick to serve but also offer a premium experience can be difficult. Add to that the inevitable change of numbers. Ask any caterer and they’ll say that most events always have a last minute addition to numbers that leaves the caterer scrambling for more serves. 

The new product that alleviates this problem…

Australian Garlic Bread Co’s new Ciabatta Garlic Slices might not immediately be on caterers' radars. But it should be.

  • They come in small cartons (that don’t take up too much space in the freezer)
  • The slices are laid out on freezer trays (so they don’t get stuck together and look damaged)
  • They are ready to go (so if last minute numbers change, a few minutes in the oven will create more serves as needed)
  • They are created on high quality ciabatta (so they provide a premium option for impressive events)
  • They’re vegan (so can be served to a wide range of guests with dietary requirements)

Are you a caterer? Have you tried the new Ciabatta Garlic Slices yet? Have a chat to one of our team members today about how you could incorporate the product into your catering menu. Everyone loves garlic bread and, as it’s so easy and convenient, we’re confident you will too!

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