The Tip Top Milk Bun Just Got Better

Inspired by old Japanese baking traditions, Tip Top’s new Milk Bun now has a light topping of toasted sesame seeds along with a higher dome and superior soft texture.

After feedback from chefs and customers, the Tip Top Milk Bun has been redeveloped to make it the ideal burger bun for spicy builds and breakfast burgers. The bun is made with fresh milk which gives it an amazing flavour and aroma and has a higher dome which gives its burgers a more premium look. The added sesame seeds differentiate it from our other premium buns.

The Tip Top Milk Bun is part of the Tip Top Gourmet Burger Range which includes a range of on-trend burger buns that can elevate your menu offerings.

Each of the buns serve a different purpose – ranging from a sweet, more indulgent brioche offering to a super soft potato bun. This gives venues the flexibility to offer a range of different carriers for each burger build. The products are also pre-sliced to save chefs time in the kitchen.

The Tip Top Gourmet Burger range is available nationally through foodservice distributors in small cartons that can be stored in the freezer. The buns thaw quickly, meaning minimal impact on preparation time, and can be stored in the freezer for up to six months.

The Tip Top Gourmet Burger Range includes:

Learn more about our full Gourmet Burger Range here and contact your local distributor to place an order. Looking for inspiration? We’ve got you covered with a range of recipes online for you to try

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