The Ultimate in Versatility: Tip Top Super Thick

Working in a fast-paced busy kitchen with limited storage means many chefs are on the lookout for versatile products that can be used across all meal occasions. By using the same versatile products from breakfast through to dinner, venues can reduce waste (and associated cost), reduce storage needs and simplify the ordering process.

When looking for a product with ultimate versatility you can’t go past Tip Top Super Thick White.

Of course, Tip Top Super Thick is really at its best at breakfast time when so many diners are looking for something a bit more decadent than what they may eat at home. Super thick slices are the perfect base for decadent brunch options and ensure that all your menu items seem higher in value as customers don’t feel like they’ve been cheated of bread with a small slice. Consider using the thick slices for French Toast, Big Breakfasts, simple egg and bacon offerings and the ubiquitous smashed avo.

(Have you thought about moving to an all-day breakfast offering? Read this first.)

Chefs across the country are also using it for lunch and dinner where the extra thick slices are perfect for hearty steak sandwiches, pairing with soups and creating simple bar snacks.

Available frozen nationally through distributors, Tip Top Super Thick White Sliced bread keeps in the freezer for up to four months, so there is no chance of any waste.

Want to try Tip Top Super Thick White Sliced bread before you buy? We offer samples for foodservice businesses, get in touch!


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