Thinking of Opening a Food Truck? Read this first hand account first

There’s a reason why the Cripps Family Fish Farm’s latest venture is a fan favourite among locals, but we wouldn’t want to give away any secrets without first delving into the rich history of the family-owned operation.

Located on the picturesque Mornington Peninsula, Cripps Family Fish Farm have been on the water since 1874. In recent times the fourth generation fishermen have spent the last 20 years taking their passion for fishing and turning it into an new experience for everyone to enjoy. From market supply to restaurant management, to fishing experiences… they’ve really got it all. But what’s really catching our attention and that of the locals, is their humble fish and chip van parked up in Frankston.

The Cripps Family Fish and Chip Van has quickly become a well-known food spot in Frankston. People are coming far and wide to indulge in the fresh flake and chips, while others are in love with the flathead tails. 

“What we sell is real, fresh fish” explains Ian Cripps. “We’re quite lucky in that we can keep up with fresh fish daily given our circumstance in being a fish farm first. What we’ve found is people don’t mind paying that extra little extra if it means that it’s quality.”

“Our van down in Frankston has quite a following now, we almost need to operate in any condition. So even if it’s pouring with rain we try to make it down there with the van as much as possible.”

Having had the fish and chip van in operation for a while now, Ian and the crew have been able to learn a few tricks. Running a food truck certainly has its perks, but it doesn’t come without some challenges too. Ian was kind enough to share with us his main tips (and some insights on things you’ve probably not considered). 

“One good thing is you don’t have the landlord breathing down your neck. Plus it’s a little easier to operate during these lockdowns.”

“As for challenges, we’ve got a van but a truck would probably be more ideal. Having the tow bar can make it a little difficult to park at times. Trying to fit into those tight holes, you’d need a good driver.”

“We’ve just started on UberEats as well, which serves its own set of challenges, like making it clear where the pick-up point is, it can be a bit of a pain. There’s quite a lot of paperwork involved as well, so if you’re not that type of person, I’d suggest getting an accountant. It can be especially difficult with the lack of space in the van.”

Like any new venture, there’s always something to learn and something to love, and for the team running the fish and chip van the answer for what they love about it was obvious.

“The girls who work here love the customers. The clientele really get to know us and have been really understanding given the current circumstances. We really appreciate the people who come down and wait for our fresh fish,” Ian says.

If you’re living in Melbourne and have yet to visit Cripps Family Fish Farm we’d highly recommend checking them out. They have stores across three separate locations (Olivers Hill, Mornington and Sorrento) as well as the fish and chip van in Frankston. Fans of fresh fish and chips will have an absolute ball!

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