Tips for the Best Garlic Bread Every Time

Garlic bread is a true Aussie favourite. If you’ve ever met anyone who says they don’t like garlic bread, they must be lying. Right? Right. But just because it is so popular, doesn’t mean everyone agrees on the best garlic bread recipe. Here we explore the ins and outs of the best garlic bread – and how to serve perfect garlic bread in your venue every time.

The bread:

There is a diversity of opinion when it comes to the vehicle for garlicky goodness. Some people swear by the old-school baguette. It’s a classic British choice. Baguettes are soft in the middle to sponge up all the goodness, with a thin crust. It yields an excellent ratio of crustiness to soft, warm, garlic-soaked bread.

Others like to be a little bit fancier and opt for ciabatta which provides a more artisan feel. Still soft enough to soak up the flavours but with a bit more ‘oomph’ to pair with premium pastas, steaks and risottos.

The herbs:

You want your herbs to be complementary but not overpowering. We believe the only way to go here is parsley. While we’ve heard some people adding oregano, we think that’s a herb best saved for potatoes.

The method:

There should be no argument here – the best garlic bread is served hot, crisp and fresh from the oven. You want to bake to order so customers get the freshest garlic bread possible not something soggy and uninspiring. Grilling works well too and adds a nice golden crunch.

What about extras:

Few people dare to mess with the perfection that is a good slice of garlic bread, but we definitely aren’t against upgrading your loaf with a few extras. One popular addition to garlic bread, is cheese! Some of our customers make absurdly good parmesan garlic bread by adding generous amounts of grated parmesan so that the cheese stretches out as you take a bit.

Garlic bread is definitely a staple of the Australian foodservice scene, but we know that not all venues have the time (or space) to dedicate to making it from scratch each day. With this in mind we’ve created a range of garlic breads perfect for taking from the freezer to the oven, so your customers never miss out on just-baked garlic bread with their meal.

And even better, if you only want to serve one or two pieces with a meal, we’ve created Australian Garlic Bread Co. Baguette Garlic Slices and Ciabatta Garlic Slices that can be cooked on demand - guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser in and out of the kitchen.

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