Turkish Bread is Your Winter Menu Best Friend

If you work in a city café you’ll know all too well that the cold weather always brings with it an increase in the number of people looking for comfort food to get them through their workdays. If you’re developing a winter menu to cater to this spike in demand for comforting offerings, you should consider changing up the products you’re ordering from your wholesaler.

During the summer months you might focus more on lighter salads and wraps, but during winter heavier and warmer items are a welcome addition. This is reflected in the orders we receive here at Tip Top during the middle of the year. One of our best sellers in winter is our soft Turkish range, and for good reason. The Speedibake Soft Turkish Range includes:

These products are also three of our most versatile, with cafes often using them for more than one menu item to save storage space (and added complications) in small kitchens. Here are our top five Turkish bread menu suggestions for small cafes:

  • For mopping up big breakfasts
    • Turkish bread is soft and full of holes, which makes it perfect for dipping in shakshuka, mopping up runny poached eggs, spreading in smashed avocado and scraping that last bit of pesto from a big breakfast.
  • Customisable sandwiches
    • Pide loaves can be cut to the size that suits you – want to offer half size sandwiches for grab-and-go crowds, or super-sized ones for hungry customers? Simply cut the loaf to suit individual appetites and your customers will be happy paying for exactly how much they want.
  • Soup
    • Toasted Turkish bread is the perfect side to a hearty winter soup. Lather it with butter and serve alongside for your customers’ dipping pleasure.
  • Dips
    • Speaking of dips, small pieces of toasted Turkish bread are also the perfect accompaniment to an antipasto or cheese and dip plate. Turkish bread offers a softness that offers texture variety when paired with plain crackers.
  • Toasties and open grills
    • Nothing is more comforting than some melted cheese. Turkish breads have long been a favourite for toasted sandwiches but are also a good base for open grilled sandwiches and melts.

Keen to try the Speedibake Soft Turkish Range? You can organise free samples here. All products are available frozen through your local distributor and are pre-baked so you can cook on demand for the fresh-baked aroma.  

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