Why Gourmet Burgers Won’t be Disappearing Any Time Soon

Australia has always loved burgers. From the humble fish and chip shop burger on a Friday night to classic fast food outlets on a long road trip. But in the past five or six years there has been a rapid increase in popularity of burgers (and burger joints) across Australia. And the burgers have changed. Instead of the quick-slap together or ‘the lot’ style burgers of last decade, burgers have become gourmet offerings with artisan flavours and pairings. Many are calling this a ‘trend’ that will disappear as quickly as it began. Yes, the world of food is fickle, but we think gourmet burgers are here to stay. Here’s why:

If it tastes good, it will stay put

As soon as gourmet burgers were introduced people realised there was an alternative to classic fast food chains, and the alternative tasted amazing. Once you’ve tried a gourmet burger with the freshest ingredients possible, the best bun and top quality meat that’s not thrown together in a hurry for a drive through, you can’t really go back.

If it’s easy to base a business around, it will thrive

Burgers are relatively simple to make and the set up for a shop is easy as you don’t need too much equipment. You know when big-name chefs start opening burger-specific venues it is a good business decision; Huxtable, Burger Project and 8bit have become household names in Melbourne, in particular, and they are all riding the burger craze on relatively simple menus. Think also of Shake Shack, opened by high-end chef Danny Meyer who spent his career in fine dining only to find the most success when he moved to burgers.

If it suits all dining levels and needs, it will outlast others

There was a time when casual and fine dining were direct opposites. Now the lines are blurring, and premium casual has become popular among all diners – from families to young couples to retirees. Although classic burgers wouldn’t tread this line, gourmet burgers using the best ingredients possible are able to slip into the premium casual niche and open up the trend to all walks of life.

If there are more combinations, there are more opportunities

Instead of the one flavour combination (that’s meat, ketchup, mustard, lettuce, tomato, onion), gourmet burgers offer a range of combinations that people wouldn’t think of themselves. This means people don’t see burger joints as one and the same. You may go to one for your favourite fried chicken burger and another for a middle eastern twist.

Gourmet burgers are here to stay. It’s as simple as that. From fine dining restaurants to holes-in-the-wall, it’s likely you’ll find a burger or two on the menu for years to come. You can see our range of gourmet burger buns here and reach out if you need help with your menu – we’d love to chat. 

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