You won’t believe which 90s bread is making a comeback in 2021

Lockdowns in 2020 sent people into a baking frenzy. Sourdough and banana bread were the go-to recipes, and they topped Google’s 2020 Year in Search terms for the most searched recipes last year.

But as lockdowns continue, Australia’s obsession with baking bread grows. Different types of global bread (or bready dishes such as Turkish Lahmacun) dominated 90% of the top 10 recipes people searched in the past 12 months. 

Now we’re seeing a huge rise in people trying their own Turkish bread at home, and it seems the favourite from the 1990s is back in a big way. 

Turkish breads became popular in cafes across Australia almost three decades ago when chefs started making Turkish bread ‘melts.’ This allowed for creativity and innovation in sandwiches that had diners excited. Nearly every café worth its salt had a Turkish pide filled with roast vegetables or a roll filled with meats and cheese. 

Now, as Australia learns that true Turkish food extends far beyond dips and kebabs, the humble Turkish style bread is back in a big way. Over the past six months we've seen Turkish bread become a staple in many homes and a favourite in sandwich shops and cafes across the country. But now the sandwiches are getting more creative. 

Chefs are making hybrid foods like this veal katsu sandwich on Turkish bread, some are keeping it traditional with simple combinations like this grilled chicken sandwich, while others using them for burgers with brisket, complete with all the trimmings. 

Just like flares and middle parts are back from the 90s, so is Turkish bread. So, if you’re considering a change to your takeaway or grab-and-go menu, add Turkish breads to your order today. Your customers will thank you. 

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