Your Go-To Vegan Guide: Products and Recipes

Did you know Australia is the second most popular nation in the world for vegans? Chef’s Pencil’s recent report has found that Australia is behind only the UK in its index of the most popular countries and cities for veganism around the world.  The report found that instead of slowing the rise of veganism, the coronavirus pandemic has actually accelerated it. 

Here at Tip Top Foodservice we have certainly noticed an increase in questions about vegan and vegetarian-friendly products. You’ve probably noticed more of your customers asking about it too? So we’ve put together a go-to guide for veganism. Read on for our best plant-based recipes and a list of our vegan products so you can confidently order with your distributor. If you’re looking for more information about veganism and our products don’t hesitate to contact us via our Facebook page.  

Our best Plant Based Recipes:

A comprehensive list of our Vegan Products for Foodservice:


*Look for the apple symbol on our website to denote ‘vegan’

Don’t stress out, carnivores: 

Yep, meat consumption has started to decline in Australia but we still consume more meat per capita than most of the world. Vegans look away now: we’ve got some great meat-lover burger recipes to try out. Check out our Beef Triple Double on Tip Top Burger Thins


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