10 things you’ll never hear a chef say

A few years back a satirical video did the rounds. We’re sure you would have seen it. In it, a comedian pokes fun at chefs by listing the things you’d never hear a chef say. From “the customer IS always right” to “of course, you can use my knife.” It was spot on, but rewatching it recently got us thinking… has anything changed in the years since it came out? Are there any new stereotypes of chefs across Australia. Here’s what our community came up with… 

“We better make this dish perfect, I hear the customer's an avid Google reviewer.”

“Great news! A customer modified a dish we purposely created in a very specific way!”

“I respect any customer who orders a dish and then asks me to plate it so that none of the food touches.”

“How good was Masterchef last night!?”

"I feel bad for front of house, they must be super tired from polishing all that silverware."

"Cooking for 1,200 people is a cakewalk compared to servers who have to write down the names of dishes on a notepad."

"Can I tip out the wait-staff tonight for working so hard?"

"When my shift is over, I'm going to have a soft drink at the bar and go home.”

"There's nothing more rewarding than working brunch."

"Sure, let’s catch up, that weekend is entirely free!"

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