Five “Must-Follow” Facebook Groups if You’re a Hospo Worker

With the recent disruptions caused by COVID-19 and social gathering restrictions, it’s important to stay connected with friends from work and the industry as a whole. From cool-room-related humour to playful banter between the front and back of house (and sometimes not so playful), these small things are a big part of day-to-day lives in foodservice.

In a time where we’re being advised to limit physical contact, we must find ways to connect with each other and come together, even if it’s just to poke fun at the dishy (nothing personal kitchen hands). So if you’ve found yourself longing for some hospo interaction, we’ve found a few social media groups that’ll help keep you in the loop:

1. Pro Chef U

PCU is a great network for chefs in Australia. This page encourages community engagement and industry discussion, a culinary watering hole so to speak.

2. Chefs Are Chefs

Many foodservice groups are made for jobseekers, so it’s often hard to find a place simply to express yourself. Chefs Are Chefs first rule is “no job adverts”, so for a long time they’ve been pushing a space that connects the cheffing community.

3. Hospo Voice

Hospo Voice is Australia’s first digital union for hospo workers. They made a name for themselves by pressing the issue of wage theft and are now becoming a reliable voice for industry professionals who are unsure of their rights and entitlements.

4. Rate My Plate

With a powerful worldwide following of 2.5 million followers, it’s likely that you might already be a fan of this page. If you’re not, it’s pretty easy to explain. Anyone can submit a photo of a dish they’ve created, and people comment with thoughts and ratings. What this environment has created is a library of delicious food imagery as well as snaps of some questionable cooking. Great for a laugh!

5. That’s So Hospo

If you’re chasing more banter, That’s So Hospo is a great source for industry related laughs. A clever cartoon artist has created this group, and shares scribbles that only you will understand.

As a member of the foodservice community, we know how devastating of an impact this pandemic has had on our customers. In these times of uncertainty, we hope that chefs, servers, business owners and all hardworking hospo crew can get together for support and interaction. The Tip Top Foodservice Facebook and Instagram accounts would like to welcome anyone who’s looking for a place to discuss work, ideas or anything foodservice related. We’ll be doing our best to share updates on all that’s going on and act as a valuable source of information on top of our regular industry laughs. Stay connected and stay safe hospo!