Food Trends to expect in 2024

What's Hot in Australian Cuisine

As a key partner for foodservice venues across the country for decades, the team at Tip Top Foodservice has seen the ever-evolving nature of our trade first-hand, as food trends from the intriguing to the downright bizarre have come and gone. As we start a new year, we’re focusing on what’s making waves for Australian cuisine in 2024.

Indigenous Ingredients at the Forefront

Australian chefs are paying homage to the country's Indigenous culinary heritage by incorporating unique ingredients such as bush tomatoes, finger limes, and wattleseed into their creations. This trend not only celebrates Australia's First Nations people but also offers a distinctive and authentic taste of the land.

Sustainable Seafood Ascends

Australia's vast coastline is a treasure trove of seafood, and the industry is putting sustainability at the forefront. In 2024, expect to find more responsibly sourced seafood options on menus, including barramundi and Moreton Bay bugs, as chefs prioritise ethical practices and ocean-fresh flavours.

The Plant-Based Movement Continues to Grow

Plant-based dining is on the rise, catering not only to vegetarians and vegans but also to the health-conscious and environmentally aware diners. Innovative plant-based dishes, such as jackfruit pulled "pork" burgers and mushroom-based "scallops," are taking centre stage. Ensure that accompaniments to these meals are always vegan too – such as our ever popular Tip Top Potato Bun or our old favourite Golden crumpets.

The Fusion Culinary Trend

Australians are known for their culinary adventurousness, and 2024 will showcase their penchant for fusion cuisine. Thai-Australian, Korean-Australian, and Mexican-Australian combinations are exciting the palate, offering a global dining experience right within the country.

The Rustic Renaissance

Rustic products are gaining prominence, from handcrafted cheeses and small-batch spirits to authentic sourdough. Local producers are garnering recognition for their commitment to quality, adding a sense of craftsmanship to Australian food and beverages.

Fermentation Finds Favor

Fermented foods like kombucha, kefir, and kimchi are gaining popularity not only for their potential health benefits but also for their complex and tangy flavours that enhance dishes and beverages.

Zero-Waste Practices

Sustainability is a cornerstone of modern culinary practices. Chefs and restaurateurs are minimising food waste by maximising ingredient usage. This approach results in innovative dishes that make the most of every edible component. It extends to staples too. Leftover bread? Bread and butter pudding, handmade croutons or crumb for your next schnitzel. Not only will your customers embrace a no-waste approach but your bottom line will thank you for it.

Comfort Food Returns

In times of uncertainty, comfort food makes a triumphant comeback. Dishes such as hearty meat pies, soothing soups, and indulgent desserts provide solace and nostalgia, evoking a sense of home and familiarity. Burgers are back in a big way too, with the traditional hamburger leading the way as people seek out simple pleasures.

Direct Delivery from Suppliers

In the world of foodservice, convenience and efficiency are paramount. In 2024, we expect an increase in the practice of direct delivery from suppliers to restaurants, ensuring freshness, minimising waste, and streamlining the supply chain. We’ve introduced direct delivery to customers with a Tip Top Foodservice account, so venues can get product delivered daily straight to their door.

These are the trends we expect to shape Australian cuisine in 2024, but there are always more! As you’re planning your menus this year, keep us in mind, we’re happy to help and always keen to share how other venues around the country are using our products in innovative ways. Get in touch here.


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