How to lift your brunch game without increasing costs

Brunch is one of the most popular meals in Australia, and many cafes and restaurants offer brunch menus. If you don’t, consider this your sign to start. If you do, and you're looking to improve your brunch service without increasing costs, here are a few tips to consider…

Offer a mix of dishes: Rather than focusing on just one type of dish, such as pancakes or eggs, consider offering a mix of dishes that cater to different tastes and dietary preferences. This can help increase the appeal of your brunch menu and encourage more customers to visit.

Use seasonal ingredients: By using ingredients that are in season, you can save on costs while also offering fresh and flavourful dishes. For example, you could incorporate berries into your pancakes in the summer, and root vegetables into your savory dishes in the winter.

Emphasise value: Customers are more likely to visit your venue if they feel like they're getting good value for their money. Consider offering smaller portion sizes at lower prices, or offering a set price for a selection of dishes. You could also offer a "build your own" option, where customers can choose from a range of ingredients to create their own custom dishes.

Use leftovers: Rather than wasting leftover ingredients, consider using them in creative ways to create new dishes for your brunch menu. For example, you could use leftover vegetables to make a frittata, or leftover bread to make croutons or French toast.

Be efficient: To save on costs, it's important to be efficient in your kitchen. This means minimising food waste, carefully planning your menu, and using equipment and appliances in an energy-efficient manner. Consider buying frozen produce, like bread, to ensure any unused stock doesn’t go to waste.

By offering a mix of dishes, using seasonal ingredients, emphasizing value, using leftovers, and being efficient in your kitchen, you can create a successful and profitable brunch menu that appeals to a wide range of customers.