Paying Public Holiday Rates?

Making A Cost-Effective Easter Menu To Save You $$$ These Holidays

In the fast-paced world of foodservice, managing costs is always a top priority. When public holidays roll around, and you have to pay your staff extra, it's crucial to strike a balance between delivering delicious meals and saving money. Easter is no exception.

In this article, we'll explore six strategies, tailored specifically for cafés and restaurants, that can save money during the upcoming public holidays. 

Seasonal Ingredient Emphasis:

One of the most effective ways to save money while delivering a remarkable Easter dining experience is to prioritise seasonal ingredients. By incorporating these ingredients into your menu, you not only reduce costs but also offer dishes with superior flavour and quality.

Menu Engineering:

Menu engineering involves analysing your menu items to determine their profitability and popularity. Identify your high-margin dishes and promote them during the holiday season. On the other hand, consider reducing or temporarily removing items that have lower profit margins. This approach allows you to maximise profits without sacrificing the quality of your offerings. Consider, for example, your grab-and-go menu. Increase the profitability by creating grab-and-go picnics with croissants and preserves that will keep families happy and keep costs low for you. Similarly, egg and bacon rolls (using our Tip Top English Muffins) are a cost-effective people pleaser so consider promoting this over your more labour-intensive offerings.

Portion Control and Food Waste Reduction:

Implementing portion control techniques helps manage food costs. Ensure that your serving sizes are consistent and appropriate, reducing the chances of over-portioning. Additionally, have strategies in place to minimise food waste. For instance, purchasing your bread frozen and thawing when needed, means you’re less likely to throw our stale bread at the end of the shift.

Efficient Kitchen Operations:

Streamlining kitchen operations can significantly impact your bottom line. Optimise your kitchen's workflow by ensuring that chefs and kitchen staff work efficiently. Proper training and organisation can reduce cooking times and minimise food waste. Additionally, prioritise teamwork and effective communication in the kitchen to avoid mistakes that can lead to costly re-dos.

Preparation and Planning:

Careful preparation and planning are key to managing costs during holidays. Create a comprehensive plan for your Easter menu, including detailed recipes, ingredient quantities, and prep schedules. By forecasting your needs accurately, you can order ingredients in the right quantities and avoid overstocking perishable items, which can lead to waste. 

Effective Pricing Strategies:

Adjusting your pricing strategy for the holiday period can help offset the increased labour costs associated with public holiday rates. Consider offering special Easter packages or prix-fixe menus at a slightly higher price point. Customers are often willing to pay a premium for a memorable holiday dining experience, and this can help absorb the extra labour expenses.

Creating cost-effective Easter menus for cafes and restaurants involves a holistic approach that combines strategic menu planning, efficient operations, and effective pricing strategies. By focusing on seasonal ingredients, menu engineering, portion control, and attentive service, you can deliver a remarkable Easter dining experience while managing your costs effectively.

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