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Tapping into today’s lunchtime trends with Speedibake’s versatile rolls

Lunchtime habits are changing. And for foodservice venues, it's essential to adapt to these shifts, ensuring you’re providing options that meet the needs of today's consumers.  

The Changing Landscape of Lunchtime  

Recent studies have provided a revealing insight into the lunchtime behaviours of full-time employed Australians. An astounding 77% of office workers admit to working through or even skipping their lunch breaks during a regular work week. What's driving this behaviour? A major factor is preparation time, with 41% of respondents stating that the lack of time for meal prep often leads them to skip or rush through meals. 

Moreover, a direct correlation has been identified between longer working and commuting hours and the increasing frequency of out-of-home food purchasing. The reality is, as the hustle and bustle of modern life intensifies, people are leaning more towards quick, convenient, out-of-home food options. This trend presents a significant opportunity for foodservice venues. 

The Speedibake Advantage  

Recognizing this shift in consumer behaviour, Speedibake has developed an extensive range of lunch rolls to cater to diverse menu builds that can be pre-prepared and offered as grab-and-go options for busy workers. From the Vietnamese Banh Mi to a toasted Panini sandwich or even a breakfast on Turkish – the choices are boundless. 

With the rising trend of takeaway and grab-and-go meals, now is the time to leverage the potential of the humble lunch roll. Speedibake's offering is not only diverse – ranging from classic sandwich subs to crunchy baguettes – but it also ticks the boxes for convenience and reduced waste. The 12-month frozen shelf life ensures that unexpected low demand doesn't lead to unnecessary wastage. 

Some highlights from the range: 

  • Speedibake Vietnamese Roll: Perfect for banh mi, gourmet hot dogs, and carvery meats. It offers a unique combination of crunchiness and smooth texture, especially when flash-baked. 

  • Speedibake Panini Lunch Roll: Stone-baked with a light texture, it's an ideal pick for gourmet toasties and open melts. 

  • Authentic Turkish Rolls: Both round and oval versions are available, leavened perfectly every time, making them suitable for healthy grab-and-go meals or the beloved bacon and egg roll. 

With a national distribution network, Speedibake ensures that these rolls are available wherever you are, with the promise of "freezer to table" convenience. What’s more? Interested venues can request a call back and sample directly from product pages, ensuring they pick the best fit for their clientele. 

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