The Ultimate Burger Bun Guide

The perfect burger bun to pair with every build!


Everybody loves a good burger. Whether it is a big, juicy patty stacked with greasy toppings or a simple veggie burger with fresh, flavoursome sauces, there is certainly a universal appeal to the humble burger. But with the huge variety of fillings now going in the modern-day burger, it’s about time we talked about buns. 

While there are a huge number of buns available to the foodservice market, not every bun is fitted to every build. There is nothing worse than a burger that falls apart in your hands or a bun that overpowers the flavour of the fillings. So we’ve created the ultimate burger bun guide, set to make sure that every burger is matched with it’s perfect bun… 

When you want a classic, timeless hamburger…

You need something with a simple flavour profile that does not compete with the other flavours in your burger. The Tip Top Hamburger Bun is your go-to, one of our best sellers in mainstream markets for chefs  who want to make a good old fashioned burger with ‘the lot’. 

When you want something a bit different, but still classic… 

If you’re looking to lift the profile of your burger menu and create a point of difference that isn’t going to upset your loyal customers, why not try the Tip Top Damper Bun? Sill a classic, simple bun but with a dusting of flour and a softer texture that suits large builds perfectly. 

When you need something vegan… 

Many of our customers are surprised when they find out the Tip Top Potato Bun is completely vegan! This is a perfect choice for venues targeting vegans and vegetarians, but also a premium bun that suits modern and upmarket burger builds. It has got a slightly savoury note (there are potato flakes in there!) so it complements a wide range of tastes. 

When you’ve got a spicy burger planned…

When you’re planning spicy or juicy fillings you need a burger that has a delicate flavour profile. The soothing texture and taste of the Tip Top Milk Bun is a go-to for burgers like pulled pork or spicy chicken. It’s also a popular bun for breakfast burgers like bacon and egg rolls. 

When you’re going for the American style burger… 

Super saucy builds like American style BBQ brisket need a robust bun. But you also need to consider the flavour. A sweet, buttery option like the Tip Top Brioche Bun complements American style builds perfectly. If you’re looking to dip your toe into the water of premium burgers, this is a great starting point as it is super versatile and a real crowd favourite. 

When you need a gluten free option…

Good gluten free buns are hard to find. The ones that hold together well often have a bitter aftertaste, while the ones that taste good crumble while handling. The Tip Top Gluten Free Bun actually looks and tastes like real bread, but also passes the test on longevity (check out what a real customer has to say about it here). Every burger venue these days needs a good gluten free option so don’t forget to add some of these to your order (you can keep them in the freezer until you need them too). 

When you need an option for carb-conscious customers… 

And finally, what about those customers that want a burger, but can’t handle the full bun? Up until now these carb-conscious customers have been stuck with the old ‘lettuce bun’ – which let’s be honest, is just not the same! Check out Tip Top Burger Thins designed to reduce the carb count on any burger.  In fact, Tip Top Burger Thins weigh in at only 34 grams whereas a standard burger bun usually weighs in between 70-100 grams.

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