The Australian Garlic Bread Co. – A Favourite for Foodservice

Garlic bread has long been one of the most popular menu items in Australia – especially when paired with pizza or pasta – and it can be a cost effective and time saving add-on or side for venues.

We’ve got classic and premium garlic breads to suit every need in our Australian Garlic Bread Co. range, from baguettes and subs to sourdough loaves and individual slices.

Designed to be taken straight from the freezer to the oven, our garlic bread range allows you to cook only what is needed, leaving the rest in the freezer for up to six months so you don’t need to worry about waste.

Garlic Bread Classics

Developed to save venues time, our classic range of garlic breads caters to everyone from a single diner to a large sharing table. It includes classic foil wrapped loaves in a range of sizes (popular with pizza venues) as well as a classic sub.

The loaves use margarine instead of butter, so the product is low allergen and vegan friendly which is essential in today’s dining scene.

Take Garlic Bread to the Next Level

If you are looking for a more premium alternative to average garlic bread, give our sourdough garlic bread or garlic slices a try.

Designed for the foodservice market, the 8” sourdough garlic bread loaf has double the garlic when compared to the 9” garlic sub. With its robust garlic flavour, subtle sourdough tang and open crumb structure to enable more garlic to sink into the dough, it is perfect for venues that want the look and feel of homemade garlic bread without the time and effort involved.

For even more convenience, consider garlic slices, available in both a classic baguette and ciabatta. The Australian Garlic Bread Co. Garlic Slices enable venues to offer single serves of garlic bread to accompany meals, while minimising excess stock that may lead to waste. The slices have a generous spread of garlic all the way to the edge and will fast become a diner favourite.

The Full Range

See the full Australian Garlic Bread Co. range here and contact your local distributor to place an order.

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